Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nila got this car last year for her first birthday and loves it. The front wheels come off every once in awhile. I was going to glue them together but she likes to put it all back together (or try to at least) Every time she tries she gets a bit closer.

Sarah's French Onion Soup. MMMM

Nila has been waking up early so I have been getting up with her and making some oatmeal for breakfast. This morning she came trotting into the kitchen with a couple of boxs of soap she got from the bathroom. No big deal I thought, then she whipped both of them open.. Nila loves bars of soap. She will take her fingernail and pick at them and trace on them and then wipe the soap on her face, this can go on for a LONG time. This morning with soap in both hands this was not a option so she just stuck one of them in her mouth. I figured she thought it smelled good so it must taste good. Anyways "I am laughing as I type this, I am such a cruel dad" she puts a bar in her mouth and all over her tongue. She then decides that soap DOES NOT taste as good as it smells (I am saying Nila NO and Yucky during this) and bends down to set both bars on the ground. She then runs over to the dish towel hanging up and starts to wipe off her tongue. I am really laughing at this point because she is really going at her tongue... So I walk over and she takes the towel down from the rack and hands it to me with her tongue sticking out. I couple of more wipes from daddy and she is back to normal (and goes over and picks the soap back up). She still likes to play with it but hopefully she will not be trying to eat it again anytime soon.
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Anonymous said...

I must be related to Jason in some way as I'm laughing so hard as I read this. On the other hand I'm feeling so badly for Nila. Thanks for helping her out with the clean up.........Love...NY Grandma