Wednesday, October 31, 2007

After searching for a cool bear costume for ages and not finding anything Sarah whipped this pumpkin up for Nila last night. We got a book for Nila that talks about having a new little baby in the house to start warming her up to the idea. When she sees the pregnant lady in the book she points at her stomach and says "bump, bump". She also does this with Sarah it is funny because of all the things we have tried to teach her this is just something she picked up on her own.
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Nila after she started eating her candy. We had to wheel her around.

If Nila could talk more she would probably ask why we don't dress up as a pumpkins and eat candy every day.

The pumpkin Sarah made next to the Pumpkin Jason made.
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Nila got to go trick or treating tonight.

Earlier today she went to a party.

Nothing can be better than being dressed up as a pumpkin and eating a cookie.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Disaster... Little people collide with the zoo.
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I carved a pumpkin, at least I think it is a pumpkin. They do not really have the American version of pumpkins over here. The walls on this guy where super thick and I had to do some serious hacking to get that face in there. When it was finished and we light it up Nila was very impressed. She laughed and pointed. At least she didn't call it da da.
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Since we are hippy parents we try to keep Nila as grain and oats as possible. This means not that much chocolate.

Sarah loves these beaters because Nila usually ends up getting more chocolate on her face than she does in her mouth

She is getting smarter fast though. After she licked two of these bad boys clean she went to wipe her face on the towel then noticed that the towel was now covered with chocolate and started to lick it back off.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sick sick sick. We are all sick. Nila was sick then she got everyone else sick.

I have only had to use two sick days in close to 9 years and they have both been for stomach flues I have caught from Nila. She has been down and out for a couple of days now but was feeling a lot better today. We hope that things start to get back to normal tomorrow.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nila has not been feeling good this weekend. She is in good spirits but has been trowing up and coughing. Its hard to hear her coughing at night. We hope that she is feeling better again tomorrow.
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Nila seriously loved this parade.

We snuck under the train station to beat the crowd out. Nila is liking the stroller less and less and wants to walk everywhere now. She must have done over three miles on foot this day.

One of the only problems with her walking is that she stops, checks out her reflection in store windows, sits down, tries to pick up dog poop, says hi to people, waves goodbye to cars, etc. We usually don't make good time when Nila is on foot.
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Better view of the cows...

All our local faves. When the parade had to stop at one point one of the cows took off down the sidewalk and people where getting out of the way fast. Every time we go to this I think of how hundreds of cows would NEVER be allowed to march through the streets of any town in the US. Its like a parade with attitude.
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We went to Annecy last weekend for the Cow Festaval (our official name). This is me kicking back some fresh cider.

Bike parking makes a nice spot to leave your horse while enjoying the city.

Nila waiting for the parade. She really enjoyed it and clapped alot.
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We had a mouse in the house. I have been playing cat and.. well.. mouse with this guy for over a week now. One morning my Sarah woke me with a scream I got up to find that she had cornered it behind a dresser. I flushed it into a live trap (from my landloards wifes great grandpa, this thing has to be over 80 years old) then triggered it via a thrown stuffed children's toy. He is now probably trying to find his way back to our house from the field I let him loose in down the road.
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Some photos from a couple of hikes I did with our Neighbor Pascal

We have had some great early fall weather here.

These rocks looked like they where folded over on top of themselves.

Eating lunch at 9500ft.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sorry for not posting in over a week. I have had a couple of projects and have not been able to put photos up. This weekend I should have some time.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Eye sockets make great hand holds.

She is always going going going. She walked for almost 40 min today on her own at a good clip. She was exhausted tonight when I put her to bed.

Being a first time parent is full of little lessons. In the beginning we where always trying to find out why Nila was crying and make it stop as fast as possible. Moving into the toddler stage this can lead to some problems. For example, about a week ago Nila finished her dinner then wanted to sit on Sarahs lap. She whined a bit and Sarah picked her up. Nila then ate some more food. So GREAT. She stopped crying and ate more. So this goes on for awhile and then all of a sudden she just wants to skip the whole eating in her chair and just sit on Sarahs lap.

We had been duped.

So we put our foot down and Nila starts to whine and cry. So Sarah says "Nila if you are going to cry go into the other room" and Nila, our baby that NEVER listens to us and RARLY does what we say runs into the bathroom crying and just stays in there until she calms down. Every time we do this and she listens Sarah and I can not believe it.

So this is how things are now. What scares me the most is that we are starting to see the beginnings of tantrums poking through as year 2 approaches. We should be cresting into the terrible 2's right around the birth of baby N° 2. We should be in for a bumpy ride.
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We went for a walk this afternoon and I was taking photos on nila jamming along. Until she tripped...

OOOFFFF Baby down Baby down. I wish I would have had this centered. She was 100% ok and didn't even cry. She was mostly upset because she had some dirt stuck to her hands. She will play in the dirt / mud / sand and have it all over her body and face but can not stand it stuck to her palms... A couple of quick wipes and we where back on our merry way.
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