Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nila loves the bunny,

She tried to make off with as many apples as she could. Nila is a little sick this weekend with a cough and stuffed up nose.
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Our friends / neighbors / landlords where making fresh apple cider yesterday. He had borrowed some equipment from a friend had quite the production line going.Our friends / neighbors / landlords where making fresh apple cider yesterday. He had borrowed some equipment from a friend had quite the production line going.
Step - 1 - Put the apples (or appees as Nila likes to call them) into the masher.

Step 2 - Put the mash into the press.

Step 3 - Mush the mash. Start with the mallet then use the threadded press to get all the juice out.

Step 4 - DRINK!
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

We went to the 20 week ultrasound yesterday. The new baby is doing great and everything looked good (spine, heart, feet, hands, face, brain, etc. etc.). He/she was moving around the whole time just like Nila use too. Nila sat on the table and just watched. At the end of the appointment the tech made Nila a great latex glove chicken, she loved that. I have two more photos that I will try and scan tomorrow.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Some of the shots from the movie below. Nila was a bit worried to go into the corn, at first she stayed very close to me then I sat down to take a photo and off she went down the row.

She ended up having a great time walking around and playing peek a boo. Now that it is cooler here she can start wearing the poncho grandma made her last year.

She is taking to talking at her own pace. Every once in awhile she will latch on to a word and go with it though. Tonight she loved to repeat "WO WO WO" after I said it when she was waving something around.

Walking back with Daddy.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Nila in the Corn near our house today.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nilas friend Tabitha and her mom stopped over Sunday to visit. Nila is starting to learn the hard life lesson of sharing. Most of the time we have two of everything on hand so the mortal combat is kept to a minimum.

Out back with Mr. Donkey. She still points and says Da da though every time she sees him. Not good, not good at all.

Before Tabitha leaves everyone gets a hug.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sharis and Ryan of fame drove up from Chicago with Leslie to visit with Sarah and Nila on Monday before we left for the airport. Roomer was that Becky was at the house also at some point but I don't have any photos so I am not even really sure if it actually happened.
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Got to see lots of people at the wedding. I also found that my photographic skills fall off fast as my beer intake increases. Luckly we where staying at the house at the reception site so I just needed to stumble to bed.

Jason and Jill. Jill was our crew boss durring the setup for the wedding. She is also pregnat and due early next year.
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Saterday we helped set up and snuck away for a wine tasting with Jen and Michael. The wedding also turned out to be a great reunion of all our HS friends and a bunch of Beaver Island folks I havent seen for years.

They did a fish boil for dinner (Great fish but the tarter sause was what really made the meal if you ask me). Michael got the cooks some beer so they stolked the fire for us.
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Last friday we left Nila with her Grandparents and went up north to our friend Marika's wedding.

The rehersal was on the beach and we had a great sunset.

Sarah and I. She always insists on taking crazy photos like this.

The second baby is growing and growing. Sarah just had another doctors apointment last week and everything is great. Family of four here we come.
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Some more photos from the trip back to the USA. On Labor Day we enjoyed some time at the Wilisons house. Nila got to eat some goldfish and swim a little bit.

Sarah found this little raft for her. She still does not like to be in the open water but she loved this raft. We had a great time.
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So So So So

WE ARE BACK. I need to say that up until now I prided myself on my ability to handle the 6 hour time change. This all changed after making the switch with our 1.5 year old. Our flight was at night so we THOUGHT that this would mean Nila would sleep.

So we fly out of the BIG GR and into Detroit with almost no problem. In Detroit we get onto our next flight to find that we have 3 middle seats that are not in the same rows and that the plane is a 757 (two rows of three) and not the bigger airbus they usually use between Detroit and Amsterdam. Well we get on the plane and nobody wants to move into our two other middle seats so we can sit together. When said that I would just install our little one between the two people in isle 9 they decided they could give up their seats.

So we get that settled and the plane fills up (literally 100% full) and we take off. Nila did good for awhile then slept for about 1.5 hours though some nasty turbulence then she woke up.... SO it is now 10pm her time and we are in the air and all the lights are on in the plane (Don’t know why) and Nila is done with air travel. This is really unfortunate for us as we still have 6 hours left on this flight and another flight after that. She plays with us for about 15 min then wants to start walking around. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal except on this plane 1. The are serving food in the isle with two carts and walking in the isle is not possible. 2. When they are done we are still in some rocking turbulence and can not leave our seats.

So we deal with Nila for another hour or so then we are sure she will fall asleep so I try to get her back into her car seat. MISTAKE she Screams and Screams and Screams and will not calm down for over a hour and a half. For a hour and a half she was Screaming at the top of her little lungs. People around us start to make comments and nobody is happy. When she finally gets calmed down I clear a spot on the floor and try to play with her for awhile when she starts to cry again I take her for a walk. FREEDOM she loves this and runs to the back of the plane only to have the stewardess tell us that we need to return to our seats. Well after this taste of freedom this does not make our little angle happy and she starts to cry again. Luckily this time was not for long and the turbulence ends and we can walk some more. It is now 3am Nila time and she is exhausted but still refuses to sleep. When we got close to Amsterdam they turned the lights back on and started to serve breakfast (4am) and after that she finally passed out. She slept for the last hour of the flight then close to a hour on the flight after that.

When we got back to our house around 4pm local time (11am the next day in her time) she had basically gone through the entire night with maybe 4 hours of sleep. Sarah died off around 6.30 pm and went to bed but Nila was still going strong, she refused to sleep until 9pm that night but after that slept the entire night and was already on the new time zone. For the next two days every time she said " mommy" or "juice" her voice sounded like a 90 year old smoker.

So that was our trip back. This post is a bit stream of consciousness but 4 days have passed and I have still not fully recovered.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

After some time at the beach we had dinner with Aunt Eleanor and Stuart. She brought some very popular glasses.

Nila only lasted so long and needed to run around some more. She had some black feet by the end of the day. She loved her time with her Great Grandma.

Nila went up to vist Grandma (her Great Grandma) today. We went to the beach and played in the sand.

Walking back to the car.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Another one I liked of Nila with her Grandma.
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Nila LOVES ice-cream this was the first time she officially got her own cone though. I had to nip some drips in the bud with a lick every once in awhile. She DID not like the fact that I was taking her cone away from her.

Sunday we went out to Grand Haven to let Nila play in the sand.

She loved playing in the water. The waves where high but there was a large shallow section she could play in without going to deep. She loved to chase the waves then run away from them. She is really a baby with no fear. ( I have found that this means double the normal fear for the parents that are responsible for these types of children)

Nila ran back from the end of the lighthouse going under every single crosswalk support. By the time we got back to the house she was one tuckered kid.
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I flew in on Saterday at started to take pictures again. Should be back in biz again now. Nila getting a kiss from Grandpa.
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Sarah went to NY to visit the grandparents there with Nila last weekend. They had a great time.

The three of them with some other person at west point.

Sarahs Brother and Sister took the train up from the city to spend some time with Nila. She was looking a bit shaggy so she got her first haircut from Aunt Chloe. She really did good durring the trim.

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