Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sarah and Nila are in the USA. I did some hiking today. This is just non baby blog filler until I can start taking photos of her again at the end of next week.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We prechecked Sarahs bags tonight at the airport (this way we can sleep in until 5am tomorrow instead of 4am). Well Nila took a 20 min power nap on the way to the airport then decided that she did NOT want to go to bed. She cried and cried and we finally went and got her. (she basically runs our life).

She of course would have nothing to do with me and only mommy would do. She shared some of Sarahs soup, then was put back to bed. She had a rough time but finally fell asleep. Nila is a rocker and a roller so she should keep Sarah on her toes tomorrow during her three leg three four country voyage. USA here they come.
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Way out of focus but I love it anyways.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We had some friends over for dinner tonight. Nila was so so tired but perked up when her friend Tabitha got her to play. At 9pm, 1 hour past her bed time, after two full days of playing, Nila was one cranky, screaming, tired baby. She is out cold now and hopefully will sleep in a bit tomorrow morning. We had a great time this weekend.

Sarah will be back in the US next week. I hope we get a chance to see as many people as possible. It is always hard for us to try and see everyone during our time back (and try to rest a bit at the same time.. this is my vacation you know...). I can not wait to share Nila with everyone. As long as she gets her naps she is a happy happy little one.
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Nilas Thinking face...

One step at a time is hard when your a baby...

I am still trying to wrap my head around the second baby on its way. Should be another great adventure.
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Lots of shots from today... Hope nobody minds...

I was WAY WAY out on a diving raft and Nila kept waving at me and yelling DA DA... DA DA... DA DA... It was cute even from out there (although I couldn't hear her) Sarah got this great shot of her trying to wave me back in.
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Nila is still trying to understand this whole deep water thing. She wants to be let go of in the water then kicks forward, then wants out, then runs right back in then clings to me, then wants down again etc etc etc. The water was a bit cold but she giggled and kicked until her little teeth started to chatter.
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We spent some time on Lake Geneva with our friends Phil and Cat today on their beach. Nila came prepared for action.
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Nila had a great time playing with a new friend yesterday at a BBQ.

She even picked some flowers and gave them to one of our friends.

These are short posts because Nila has decided that she is now master and commander of the computer desk. She likes to push as many keys on the keyboard and mouse simultaneously. This makes blogging a bit difficult.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

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My girls...
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Yea she still loves the slide. Always a big smile maker...
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Nila perks up BIGTIME when we go into the gelato store.

She opens her mouth - I put in gelato - She makes a crazy face because teeth are COLD COLD COLD - She eats Gelato - and opens mouth for more...
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some photos from this afternoon...

Nila needs a little love when she wakes up from her afternoon naps. The scrape mustache on her face is from a little fall she had at the kiddy pool Friday.

To eat the blackberry or to play with the blackberry.. That is the question.

This is the look that usually accompanies the NO NO NO. I was getting the NO NO NO line while taking these photos.
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Nila on her first merry go round. Lights, spinning, moving horse, she had her serious face on the entire ride. This is the face she always uses when she is in a new situation.

On the way back to the car.

I could not decide which one of these I liked better.

She loves pushing the stroller but she can not keep it going straight to save her life. We kept putting her back on track but she would look up, see our had on the stroller, stop and remove our hand and say "NO". Nila and her nos she defiantly knows what she does not want. Very cute though. She also knows where her nose is on her face. She can point to it and say nose (which is great since it is almost a word she already knows.)
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Nila is getting faster and faster on her little legs. She also will just take off in any direction without looking back. One of us needs to keep her VERY VERY close at all times. We have not have not had the Baby Leash discussion yet but it may be coming soon if this keeps up.

The Geneva Jet d'eau or Jet of water. Very simple but very cool.
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We spent the morning packing and moving but HAD TO get out of the house this afternoon. Nila was going Stir crazy in the apartment. After awhile she just becomes this roaming wrecking ball of terror and, well, we just need to get out. So we went into Geneva for a couple hours and walked around the festival going on there. These crazy balloon guys where taking off near the lake, then skimming across the water at high speed in the wind popping up just before the boats and buildings. Cool to watch.
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Nila is a big eater at breakfast. Most of the time she is good with the spoon (about 10 seconds after this photo was taken she started to eat the cereal with her hands).
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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sarah had a second ultrasound today and here is the newest member of the family. The ultrasound tech said that everything looked great. Sarah was trying to keep up with the french medical tech speak and entertain Nila the entire time. The scan makes the new baby look like it is the proud owner of a horn but in real life that wraps up to form a scull. Sarah keeps saying that the baby is "waving at us". (I think it looks like a bit of a mooning myself) All in all though everything looks like it is growing in the correct place, in the correct numbers and at the right pace.

Sorry I have been so lax in posting over the last couple of weeks. With the new baby we are preparing to move again (to gain some space) We have been packing and moving things slowly. I will email out our new address after we are at the new location. For those of you keeping track at home will be our 4th place in France in as many years. This is nothing though compared to Sarahs 8 moves since our marriage. As much as we hate moving it is a great way to get ride of some things.

I will be getting the camera out again though and taking some new photos of Nila. (a old photo in the mean time)

Nila is talking a bit more, this would be a good thing except that her word of choice 99.9% of the time is NO NO NO. She sometimes says NO NO NO when we are getting her dressed in the morning then NO NO NO later on when we are trying to remove the EXACT SAME outfit. Other than that she is pointing a lot and will take my hand and lead me to things she wants (like food or toys). She also is starting to listen a bit better.

Last night I was playing on the couch with her and had a small card that she wanted. I would put it on the top of the couch, (and she would crawl up to grab it) and I would whisk it away at the last minute and put it on the coffee table. Nila would turn and see it and crawl down. When she had her back turned I would move it again. She would look around for a bit with a scowl of concentration then laugh when she saw it under the pillow (and would take off again crawling after it). This went on for almost 20 minutes, she never got frustrated and laughed every time she found it again.

Ok so enough typing. I promise to take some more photos this weekend and make up for all my lack of posting. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summers.