Saturday, July 28, 2007

Better Baby

Nila has been sick for the last couple of days. Fever over 101° and a runny nose. She has not been eating much... Well at 2.10 this morning she woke up screaming. She laid in bed with us for awhile then started to do her "heeyyyyyy yaaaa" shout out. This is her baby way of saying " I am 100% awake now. My fever is gone. I am hungry and thirsty. Lets Party" So daddy is on duty, it is a bit after 3am she wolfed down some food and She is going strong as ever. I fear that it is going to be a long night for daddy.

And well great.. As I was typing that last paragraph and this Nila is on my lap drawing on a piece of paper with a pen. I just looked down and she has also drawn all over her stomach. Just great..

I will try to take a photo.


Friday, July 27, 2007

And a baby makes... 4

Sarah is pregnant with our second. She is going into week 12. This photo was from week 6, when Sarah showed it to me I said...

J: "WOW Its big already"
S: "You do know that the baby is just that little white spot right"
J: "WOW Its really small"

She did find out that baby 2 already has a heart beat and the due date is Feb 12th. The next ultrasound is in a week and we should have more news then.

Two under two... (for a couple of days at least) Let the adventure begin.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another photo from yesterday. Nila loves the slides. This one was marked for (6 years and older) but she was fine with a little help from mom and dad. After about ten times up and down I was on the top with her and started to slide without her. She just sat up at the top then went down on her own. Slides are the ultimate (baby is guaranteed to sleep all night) device. It is like a baby stair master.
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We got a webcam a little while ago to talk with the grandparents. Today we chatted with a friend Michael in kzoo. Nila loves the web cam, it is actually the only time she ever sits still on my lap.
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

After the park it is back home for a bath. Tonights shampoo special was a mohawk. Her hair is finaly getting long enough to make some cool shampoo shapes.
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Like a arrow she is off. Her tracking system has locked onto the sandbox and nothing can stop her.

After awhile in the sandbox she is back in the water.
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In Switzerland they have these great parks. They are these huge green places with sandboxes, slides, green space, trees, etc. They also have these kiddy pools that are only about 1 foot deep that are just out in the open for anyone to come and enjoy. Nila kind of did not know what to think at first but then she started to have a good time.

Our dripping baby taking a break for some food.

I had to help her up on this rock but she loved slidding down it back into the water.

After swiming we changed her cloths and headed over to the slid, sandbox and swings. (She really lives a good little baby life)
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not a great photo but I like it.
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Nila with her animals. She loves these little guys.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nila loves loves loves to slide. She had a great time on this one with a friend of hers.

The weather here has been cold, and rainy, and cold.. But yesterday we had sun. We went for a walk along the lake. Well that was summer, to day it was nice until about 9am then the rain started again.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nila loves to wear her moms shoes around the house. There are a favorite pair of flats that she usually tromps around in but a Sunday dress calls for some killer shoes. She actually got these on all by herself (granted they where on the wrong feet the first time around).
The extra height also gives her a good view of any goodies that may have been left on the kitchen table.
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