Saturday, June 30, 2007

For those of you not hip in baby talk a open mouth with tongue sticking out is basic 16 month old for "Please stick as much ice cream in my mouth as possible!!!"

Nila had a blast sitting in this fire truck outside a toy shop. She was waving at the dogs as they went past and jumping around and having a great time. We contemplated putting a euro in it but thought she just may have a little baby heart attack from excitement. She is starting to learn some words and one of her most prominent at this point is "No no no" (almost always in a set of three) when we had to move away from the fire truck we got a six pack of NO's along with some heavy back and forth head waving.
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Made a pit stop at the lac bleu on the hike. (tech note 1: I had my camera set wrong and that is why all these photos have so much noise tech note 2: Water in the mountains from melted snow is very cold, even after being in the sun)

After being in the baby backpack (we love this thing) most of the day Nila did some cruzing around town with us she is quickly moving from baby to toddler.
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We went to Chomonix today with friends and took the cable car up then hiked over to the train. The weather was great.

When you have a baby in one arm and a bag in the other you must find creative ways to hold things for the wife.
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Nila loves slides and swings. Today we found this one while waiting for our turn on the Cable car to go hiking. She was able to climb up the stairs and go down it all by herself.

She was very very very pleased with all this....

As you can see.....
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

CHEESE... So there is all this French cheese here. In the grocery store a entire double sided isle is dedicated to cheese (and this does not even include the double sided yogurt isle) yet still Sarah and I almost always have some cheddar in our fridge. Cheddar here cost more than its equal weight in gold here yet we buy it anyways. Well the other night we sliced some off for Nila, went about our business and came back to find that she had shimmied her high chair down the table and got the whole block and went to town. I was going to take it away from her but she has all these teeth now and well.. I just thought I would let her finish... for my fingers sake...
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Last weekend we went to a party at some good friends from work who are moving back to the USA. Out little internation family is getting smaller here in France. They will be missed.

Nila LOVES to swing. Every day she can do new things (seeing these new things is one of the greatest joys of being a father I have found) She did not even fall off this time.
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Tonight the new neuf box arrived and life was restored to normal. There was a long moment there after I plugged it in and the little DSL light wasent flashing when I almost started to cry. I spent a couple of hours on the neuf helpline with the person asking me " IS IF FLASHING NOW" if French. "GO TO A FRIENDS HOUSE WITH DSL AND PLUG IN... IS IT FLASHING NOW". If the DSL light did not start flashing I was going to need to start all that from the begining again. One has not experianced hell until one has tried to do over the phone ISP tech help in a forgine language.

Anyways... We have phone, we have internet, I can blog...

Nila is starting to figure out this whole latches, doornobs, etc thing now. The good news is that she is still to little to reach most of them. This is a good thing for us.
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Monday, June 25, 2007


Last week a large storm knocked out our DSL and phone. We hope to be back up and running sometime this week. Until then if you try to call us it will just be a busy signal.

I will post some new photos when we plugged in again.



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Although it is hard to tell from this photo Nila is getting pretty good with her spoon. She still holds it way way way down at the tip with two little fingers. We fixed this problem by finding some shorter spoons though. Most of the time she will eat her yogurt and get most of it in her mouth. Things seemed to have gone another direction though here. Some days we move forward, some days daddy needs to spend 30 min with the corner of the wash cloth cleaning out all the grooves in the high chair.
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It was clear until the last 200 vertical meters. Not much to see at the top. We where one of just 3 teams that made it Sunday.

Three of my friends making there way to the top in the clouds.

After arriving at the top around 8am (and calling Sarah very quickly, my cell phone worked up there) we started to make the almost 2 vertical mile hike / climb / ice axe down. Everyone got home safe and had a great time. All 7 of us stick out like racoons at work because of our sunglass rimmed sunburn though.

Thought I would share some photos, grandparents dont fret, Nila will be back in the next post.

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At around 3am Sunday morning we started to head up the mountain, it is hard to see the wind in these photos but it was howling, the sun came up a bit before 5 am and everything started to light up.

Four of the seven people I climbed with.

The sun came up and we kept heading up. A lot of the other teams headed back down because of the high winds and snow.

About a hour away from the top, the wind was really whipping over the summit.
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One of my goals since being in France has been to climb Mt Blanc. I have talked about it with people from work for three years and this year we finally planned a trip. We left early Saturday morning and drove up to 1800 meters. From there we hiked / climbed / ice axed our way a little over a mile straight up to the refuge (Seen above) at 3800 m

The entrance to the refuge is that small step off to my left (seriously this is how we got here) The weather these last couple of weeks has been very cold here, especially up high and the refuge was not heated (very cold night) we slept from about 8pm to 2am when we had to get up and start getting ready to climb.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Just wanted to make a quick update before going to bed. I MADE IT. I climbed Mt. Blanc safely over the weekend with some friends from work. I will post a little bit more later this week.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two more photos from last weekend, our very busy last weekend. Saturday we hung out in Annecy and Sunday we had three back to back events / parties. We then barreled into the week.. Tuesday morning at 3am I woke up with some form of Flue / Montezuma Revenge / lost 5 pounds in 12 hours / glad to still be alive / 101° Fever / stomach bug thing. It just lasted for about 24 hours but I was knocked out good. Sarah came down with a similar version today so I stayed at home with Nila.

Nila has seemed to be in good spirits through all this. She is changing so much / fast now, I need to say that watching a baby learn new things every day is just amazing. She is starting to communicate a lot more now and playing on her own more and more. She still loves her dolls and is always wrapping them up in things, stuffing them in chairs, cleaning them, etc. With all this new fun also comes some new adventures for Sarah and I as parents. We are starting the NO game and she does not like that so much. Sarah always says that kids are born with little personalities and just go from there, I am believing that more and more with Nila. Most of the time I think that we are just along for the ride.. Although.. There are some things we do need to help mold / change with our little angle tout suite. Two of her favorite hobbies right now are climbing up and dancing on our tables (she is a quick climber) and grabbing things out of our bags and running like the wind clutching whatever she can when we spot her. Preprogramming aside these are some things I plan on nipping in the bud RIGHT now as they are two career paths I would rather not see her go down.

Sorry... A little less photos and a little more typing this time. This weekend I am making a attempt to climb Mt Blanc with some people from work. (Experienced climbers) I should have tons of "Jason standing in snow in front of big rocks" photos to put up at the begining of next week.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Three engagements in one day. We helped make pankakes at church this morning, then went to a friends birthday party at this Great park in Geneva (photos above) then dinner at another friends house. Nila partied like a rock star. She played hard with three diffrent sets of kids. I just put her down to sleep and I think she was out within seconds.
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Nila in her full out baby sprint.
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So one of our friends little girls asked me me this morning... "Do you have to follow her around all the time like that?" I snickered / sighed and just said.. "Yea"....
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We had some friends over this weekend. Nila loved having two friends inside her tent with her. She had a great time following the girls around.

We had a to buy a new outfit for Nilas baby. The original set of PJ's was getting just a tad bit worn out. Now she is decked out in a pink dress pants ensemble.
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A photo from this weekend that I like a lot. Her chubby chubby cheaks almost cover up her nose.
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