Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heres looking at you... Nila after her fight with a chair.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Went to montreux Switzerland Sat and took a clog train up into the mountains. Got up there and it was a bit cold, ok, no problem, we have cloths for this, then the wind started, ok, we can still hike a bit, then the rain started, ok when is the next train down? So we hung out for a bit at the top (they had a very "excellent marmot expo" (Sarah’s words) that we spent some time at and some tunnels you could walk through to see them up close... Oh, the photo above is us not letting Nila walk around inside a moving train going 25 km per hour 30° up the side of the mountain.

About 3/4 of the way down the weather cleared up and we got out to walk for awhile, Nila loves walking around holding on to our hands. The only hard part about doing this is that now she needs to stop and wave "bye bye" to every single person that we pass on the trail.
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New Stuff

So the little monkey is climbing now. She kind of figured out the climbing thing and just took off with it all in the course of two days. She is a bit crazy now trying to get on tables and chairs and has already had a couple of good falls. She took a tumble today and has a bit of a shiner.

Not really something new or special but Sarah told me that Nila was sitting in her chair the other day looking at her feet, then touching her toes, then trying to pull them off, then trying to pull them off some more, then getting very upset that they would not become detatched, then well anyone that has seen a baby break down from frustration knows how things go from here.
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Riding on your parents back absolutly exausting. We stopped at a cafe to get a drink and they both slept almost the entire time.
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All this uneven terain made for a couple of rolls but Nila is getting use to it. She had a great time playing outside today.

One can really never be protected enough in the sun. (yes she did this all on her own)

Nila with her best buddy. We all had a good time today.
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We went hiking today with some friends. Nila has to be one of the luckiest babys ever, riding in her personal backpack to her high altitude playdate / picnic then sleeping her way all the way back to the car. Baby life is good.
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Nila loves her little stroller, she loves moving her dolls around in it even more. One problem though... Only room for one (she doesent like to have them both stuffed in the seat... Problem SOLVED. I showed her how to carry a second baby in her block container and voila two babys can be walked around the apartement all day long. She gets super excited when she can balance the second baby on the handle of the stoller and walk away.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nila became a fan of the slide today, after watching the older kids for awhile she dove right in, I think she made about 20 trips down this thing today...

She also giggled like crazy on the swing (probably because I was tickling her every time she got close to me for a push)

She is saying BYE.. BYE.. and waving all the time now... Today we where near the walking path and some people strolled by Nila saw then, walked over and make sure to say BYE to them..
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Today we had a great picnic in the park with Sarahs baby group, seeing one year olds running in packs is a very scary thing. We all ate in shifts in order to minimize the chaos.

Nila with some of the animals in the park. At one point she climbed on the little one bounced around and waved her legs around and then had this "thats all you do" kind of look on her face..

We have entered the climbing stage... Nila is also tall enough to see what is on the kitchen table now. Before it was a hit or miss thing with the hands up over the edge, now she has two cruise guided missiles out to destroy whatever we leave in range.
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sarah bought me a friends used bike that came with a child seat on the back for my Birthday. I took Nila out for a spin today. She did great and even fell asleep for awile (with her head leaning forward on the safty bar).
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mommys lap.. Thumb... Life is good...
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Nila with her mom sitting on top of her tubs of toys and dolls... Life is good in Nilas world...
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Nila has some Killer eye lashes.. I have been trying to get a good photo of them for awhile but she is always moving so much.... Anyway this is my latest attempt.. I will prevail.. eventually....
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Another video from last night, taken just after the first one... at 6min 20 second this one may be long enough to enter as a short film at a festival. If you don't have time to watch it all or are not a grandma just watch the first part and the end... Enjoy...

Also with both of these videos, if you click on the google icon on the bottom left side of the video player you can go to another screen and watch the video in a larger size.

Friday, May 04, 2007

To make up for lost blogging time

Here is some video from dinner tonight. She has been feeding herself for awhile now (AKA picking food directly off the table and shoving it into her mouth) but now we are trying to introduce some plastic wear and cups. Nila did a pretty good job feeding herself tonight (managed to get the spoon into the mouth most of the time) she likes to hold her spoons at the BITTER END though, I have been trying to show her how to get a grip higher up but... Well you will see in the video.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I kind of just realized that I havent posted anything new in almost two weeks.. Tisk tisk Jason.. I really dont have any good excuses for being that lazy. Part of the problem is that I have taken almost no photos in the last couple of weeks... I think this might be a record dry spell since Nila was born.. I hope she forgives us later in life for not having the last two weeks documented in photos... *wink* Anyways, I realized this tonight and took a couple of shots. Enjoy...


Nila loves this doll she got from the MI Grandparents. Sarah was looking for new doll outfits online yesterday because the one she has on now is getting a bit beat up...

She loves to point at things and make these little sounds... Very very cute...

She is also waving, and clapping when she does somthing that she is proud of (like put a top on a pan or climb on the couch, she acts like she is queen of the world when she climbs onto the couch)

Her other passtime, sitting, she loves loves loves to sit on everything.. The best part of this is when she turns around and just backs her self up and plops down, it is really a comical event..
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