Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nila hanging out with all her friends. She had a great time today, I think she did 10 or 12 laps around the house.

She LOVES getting pulled around in this wagon. At first she was pulling in then she just kind of climbed in and started pointing forward while making her little "huuuu" sound. Her vocab at this point basically consists of "Da Da" and "huuuu". "Da Da" is her noun for everything and "huuu" coupled with a pointing action covers all wants and questions... She has a pretty good gig since we are always running around trying to find out what she wants / is talking about... The good side of this for me is all those precious moments durring the day when she looks at me and says "Da Da" the down side is when we are over at our friends house, she spots their donkey in the back yard, points and says... well you get the idea....

Nila loved the bunny

Getting pulled around IN the Wagon WITH the Rabbit.. I don't think her life could get much better than this....

The weather has been holding strong at 70° almost every day with sun for the last couple of weeks and the current forecast calls for 73° and sunny though next Wednesday. Summer is already here. Today we where invited to a French friends for a going away lunch. One of the colleges I work with will be going back to the US in a couple of weeks.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy happy baby...

I was going to let her know that one could not be super cool with drool on ones face but decided to let it slide this time...
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It is hard work being a baby model. Nila was upset I was taking photos on her bad side; she gets a little worked up sometimes...

Sunday we spent some time near the lake outside Geneva. Nila is really enjoying the outside, she is a bit of a handful though. Usually she sees something she wants and just takes off in that direction. Baby leash here we come...
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Hole in the roof...

We went for a hike Sat afternoon.. Found this cool lookout spot, that is Geneva in the background.

The mountain was coverd in these little flowers and snow patches. The weather has been great here this spring, almost summer like. I have heard roumers that MI is getting snow. I was in shorts on Saterday and Sunday, today we hit 74°.. Ok now I am just bragging, sorry.

Nila LOVES riding in this backpack. Most of the time she will hum and watch the world go by. When I run she hits my shoulders and laughs..
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Nila after the egg hunt. She actually found some of them herself.

She was exhausted after we got home, instead of taking a nap yesterday afternoon she ran around with 3 other kids for 5 hours.

Nila does NOT cooperate for these family photos.

This is what I saw of her most of the day, her running away from me to some corner of the yard. I take a photo like this then go into chase mode.

We had a great Easter lunch with friends yesterday. Nila was looking great in her new dress. Sarah hard boiled and dyed 60 eggs for the kids to find. Nila LOVES to carry things on her arm like this, the only way she can get them to stay up is to hold her arm straight up. She then runs around like crazy exploring all she can.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Michigan grandparents flew out early this afternoon. They had a great week with Nila; she loved the extra attention all week. After a small detour through the mountains to the airport we all arrived and got them checked in. Nila loved to play among the suitcases.
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Thursday a friend babysat Nila and we went out for a great dinner. After the meal we got to choose from the Cheese chariot, after that the desert chariot. You have got to love a cheese chariot.
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I took a half day Friday and went hiking.

We where going to go to this other mountain that I can see from work. On the side I can see NO SNOW.. So we drive my panda up to the back side, NO SNOW all the way up, around, and around and up, and we come to the last corner and 2 FEET OF SNOW. I guess the south side of the mountain gets a little less sun in the winter time.

The second option worked out good though. Two sets of great waterfalls.

It was super warm in the sun, I wished I had shorts on. My feet where freezing though.
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

After 30 min in the car.... Sleeping like babies...

Before we leave the house.....
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Grandparents on the JOB

Corralling the beast.

Getting Nila up the hills in Yvoire. We have these two on long hours during their visit. Tonight they baby sat and Sarah and I got to go to a movie.

Nila loves, adores, seeks places she can sit down. She found this stair and just sat and smiled.

With Grandma and Grandpa.

We had lunch in Yvoir today. Fillet de perch.... mmm with cream citron sauce... very mmmm. The restaurant we love just opened a couple of weeks ago, we got the Last available table to eat. Nila slept through almost the entire meal. Grandma took her outside to work on her stairs afterwards. She really loves to climb stairs, she crawls up them on her own but if she has a finger to hold on to she just marches right up them.

I have no idea where she gets this crazy smile from.

Nila is starting to LOVE riding on my shoulders. The bottom photo is what happens if I bounce her around a little bit.