Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best way to cure jet lag is a three hour hike up the mountain in the snow.

Some friends from work took the two of us for a walk this morning. We where in route to a lake in the mountains but it was froze over and covered with fresh snow. Still a cool hike though.

Foggy in the valley but nice up high.

We have had almost no snow all winter then last week BAMB winter in the spring, spring in the winter.... Good times.

Michigan Grandparents

Three generations in the back seat.

The famous Geneva flower clock... This is a TOP THREE must see item in Geneva..

Nila gets to hang out with her Grandparents for the week. She is already having a great time.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nila in the Amsterdam History Museums. Also a good place for baby's because of all the interactive displays..

Cool facades in Amsterdam

Canals a plenty, Saturday afternoon we took a hour canal tour.

Nila did well on the tour, she occupied herself by destroying the end of a baguette. Sunday we got up bright and early again to walk to the train station and head back to the airport. It is 6.15 and we are walking along, I am looking at this large bell tower clock that says 7.15... Oh @#%$* time change. We left early enough and caught a express train JUST making it to the airport with time enough to check in and get some food in Nila. In spite of the cold we had a great time and would like to go back again at some point.

Walking down the street, talking, walk by this car, we are almost past it and I kind of stop and think.. hey that was not right, turn around and this guy is standing on top of this car RIGHT next to us. He did not seem to concerned about us snapping a couple of photos.

The good thing about the Baby Vacation is that we where up early ever day and the first at all the meuseams. Saturday we went to the Heineken brewery tour. I love this sign..

So it is 10am on a Saturday and we are with our baby on a beer tour in Amsterdam, where you get three free beers at various parts of the tour (that I had to drink on principal) I think we can already kiss that Parents of the Year award goodbye in 2007.

I think of all the places we visited this was Nilas favorite, lots of places to run around, cool lights, things to grab, it was great. The other great thing about this tour is that after we got home and looked at the photos we realized that this was the ONLY family photo we asked to have taken on the ENTIRE vacation.

I have nothing to say about this photo. Nothing at all....

Nila on the run after some time in a museum. This great courtyard was a great place for her to burn some energy.

One of Nila's fave activities is to sit on things. If it is more than a inch off the ground she just backs her little diaper but up to it and plops down. I fell asleep on the floor Sunday after we got back in the middle of Nila's toy area and woke to her sitting on my head. Good stuff this parenthood.

After about 5 laps she was starting to wear down.

Taking a breather before she attacked the steps on the way out.

Nila on lookout in the studio we rented. She loved to stand here and watch everyone go by outside.

This is Nila in front of the larger than life Baby Jesus poster in the place we rented. I don't know why I ended up calling this the Baby Jesus poster but I think it has something to do with a Will Ferrell movie we saw recently.


We had three great (cold) days in Amsterdam. We did the three country shuffle at 5am last Thursday and where in Amsterdam central before 9am. Traveling with Nila as she is getting older is a bit more difficult, she does not grasp the entire stay seated thing during take off and landing on the air plane. luckily since it was so early she did get some sleep in.

I did not take many good photos on this trip. Nila was jammed in her stroller all wrapped up and gray sky almost the entire trip. We walked A LOT, hours and hours each day, we just kind of wandered up and down the canals on Saturday.

Bikes bikes everywhere in this city, dedicated bike lanes, in the morning everyone is riding on to work in waves and waves. I really wanted to rent bikes but Nila already had some windburn from day one in the stroller and we decided to wait until next time. The best bike we saw was this type with a bucket in the front. This one has three little ones in it. This is just one of the MANY variations available.

Monday, March 19, 2007

We had great weather here over the weekend then today SNOW SNOW SNOW. Sarah and Nila after church on Sunday morning. We are going to Amsterdam for 4 days this weekend. This is our first vacation with Nila since she has started walking. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. I suppose I will take some pictures so check back Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nila wearing the scarf mommy knit her.. That hair has a mind of its own, you push it down and it just springs back up....


We have had her one year checkup / vaccination shots a little less than two weeks ago. We where told that she would run a fever about 6 days later... She had the fever for a couple of days then then just got sick. Our normally never ever never sit still baby just wanted to be in moms lap for 4 hours at a time and suck her thumb. She did not eat much for two days and so it was back to the doctor she went. She lost over 2 pounds and had rotavirus.... Well that was Thursday... She is working her way back to the top again and eating anything she can shove into her mouth. The only problem we have now is the 5 days of full time mommy attention she received.. Saturday she was better by all medical standards but still just wanted to be held for 10 to 12 hours at a time. (She even cried through bath time there for a couple of days.. SHE LOVES BATHTIME) Today was better and we hope tomorrow will continue in the same direction.... The joys of parenthood... year one down... many many more to come.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nila got her one year immunization shots last week, the doctor said that she could get a fever for a couple of days and she has one today. Nila is not a cuddler normally but she likes some hugs when she is not feeling well.

It is 58° F here today (Insane for this time of year) and Nila is enjoying some time outside. This is her practicing to doge the poperotzy that is always following her around. Get that camera out of my FACE!

Nila chilling on our balcony next to one of the TWO cars she got on her birthday. This one is a little less horse power than her other one but fits her a bit better.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

There was a full lunar eclipse tonight. Nila slept right through it, she is such a baby.