Sunday, February 25, 2007

New York Grandma is flying home tomorrow. She was just here for 4 days (too short). She got to spend some GREAT time with Nila and Sarah and I got to go out twice while we had a babysitter (Bringing our date night total to about 7 in one year, one of the downfalls of living so far from family). She gave Nila her bath tonight and put her to bed. Big GR Grandparents are the next visitors on our list, scheduled for the end of March.

We had a great time at the party. Nila was absolutely exhaustedly after everyone left. She had a very very eventfully day. She loves to spend time with other kids and kept giving hugs and playing with everyone.

Nila scored Bigtime today

Nila doesn't understand the present opeing thing yet so we asked the other kids to help out a bit. Sarah was almost immediately overrun by helpers. It all turned out good though and Nila picked up lots of points from some old pros in the gift unwrapping industry.

We got her this German made beauty. She can 'just' reach the ground to push it (mostly just backwards at this point) but she loves it.

Her new baby stroller from the Michigan Grandparents. She loves pushing it around but also spends a lot of time trying to crawl into it herself.

Because we are Hippy parents we haven't let Nila have any chocolate or really any (or much) sugar her whole first year. Today sold the VW van, burned the tie dies and let her have a whole chuck of Sarah's chocolate cake. When she went from putting the cake in her mouth by hand to just ramming her head open mouth first into the cake we figured she liked it. Good Stuff.
Nila's first birthday party was today. We had close to 30 people here, our apartment was at MAX capacity. We had a great time with everyone.

The food and Nilas Cake

Our wall of photos from the last year, some for every month.

Nila got into Sarah's closet yesterday and was putting on her cloths (this is one of her bathing suites) She is getting much better about putting things one. We got her some rubber boots yesterday and she cried to put them on her feet, then just stood there refusing to move and cried. So we took them off and she cried and tried to put her feet back into them. The new emotion car is a bit hard to steer sometimes.

Sarah cleaned off our balcony and planted flowers (because it is 50°F to 60°F IN FEBUARY) Nila LOVES to play out here and run around.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New York Grandma is here for the weekend. She got Nilas serious look (when she is trying to figure someone out) for awhile then a day of fun ensued. I guess the highlight was Nila getting pulled around in the rolling luggage.

Monday, February 19, 2007

We had some friends over and Sarah made a cake but Nila didn't even make it through the first part of dinner before the sleep monster arrived and took our nice baby into crankyland, she had to be swept off to the magic bath and prepared for bed. Sarah made her family tradition chocolate cake for Nila / Lis (Saturday Birthday). We had a good dinner then played some Blokus...


She has come a long way in the last year. This is a photo from the first time I held her...

Nila 1.0..... Nila turned 1 today, her party is this Sunday but today is official. I think this also Graduates Sarah and I out of the "Beginner Parents" category into the slightly more experienced class of "Still Kinda Beginner Parents but with more experience".

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not much snow on the south side of the mountain but the white stuff showed up for the hike back. We had a good day.
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Lis and I went snowshoeing today. Bit of a problem though... I will see if you can figure it out...

We went on a small tour of Lac Leman yesterday. Nila is becoming a walking champ. In the past when she got sick of being in the stroller we didn't have many choices but now a small walk usually does the trick. I will be happy when we get past the..."WOW COOL LEAF / CIGERET BUTT / ROCK I NEED TO STUFF IT IN MY MOUTH" stage.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Nila taking mom and aunt for a walk in Annecy. Nila was in the stroller wrapped in her plastic rain cover for hours and needed to get some exercise.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


She is walking everywhere now, I think she kind of has a state puff marshmallow man kind of gate at this point but she is getting better every day. Sarah and Lis went out to a movie last night and I played with Nila for awhile, she was in an incredibly great mood. After watching this video I have decided that the less talking I do in these things the better. At one point Nila bonks her head on the door a couple of times, I was moving around to grab her but she just looked up and smiled. One of the things I have learned thus far is that if she doesn't think it is a big deal, don't make a big deal out of it. I am trying to figure out why my videos all have that black margin around the outside. I hope to fix that soon.


Friday, February 09, 2007

What a change a year makes

A photo of Sarah and Nila from a year ago. Nila was in quite the mood tonight, I am loading a new video right now, don't watch it if you get motion sick easily.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Banana famma fo famma... Bee bye bo banna, Banana...

For some reason this photo reminds me of a commercial that I am not sure existed or not about "IF I HAD A HAMMER" or something like that. Michigan Grandpa got sick of seeing Nilas low ridding pants on the blog and said "That kid needs some overalls". Lis showed up with these from him and they work great.

Aunt Lis is here for a couple of weeks. Nila gave her the Serious serious look when she got here. She does that when she is trying to figure something out. Two days later Lis played with Nila so much that she almost passed out two hours before her regular bed time.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The weather here is still very confused, tomorrows high is suppose to be 50°, Tuesday is forecast for 30° and snow. All of the lower mountain resorts are closed and green, the higher ones are only 25% to 30% open. Good weather for walking though...

We have tried talking sense to her but she refuses to wear her hair any other way.. KIDS THESE DAYS...

We had some friends over for lunch today. Nila is in the King spot at the head of the table making sure nobody gets out of line.

I have introduced bubbles at bath time. Nila is still trying to figure them out.