Friday, September 29, 2006


So we moved to a new place, then had to wait for the phone line to be installed, then had to get the phone line moved... THEN I started my battle with the internet company, at first they couldent change the line over, then after a week of that we got the system started, THEN they said it would take two to three weeks, three weeks later we recieved a letter saying they would need another two to three weeks. So no blog updates until then... I have some great photos, Nila is doing great, she is getting up on all fours and rocking around but not really going anyplace. She also gets up on her hands and tip toes, that is fun to see. Any day now and we will have a moving Nila.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I am at Newark now waiting for my flight to board. I am going to sleep like a rock. I hear reports from home that Nila is up on her hands and knees now rocking around like crazy. Looks like she will be going mobile very very soon.  Posted by Picasa

My Aunt Marylou and Uncle Doc dropped me off at the airport this morning. This was a short trip but I packed a lot in (all but sleep). Posted by Picasa

The weekend was full of good news.. Michael gets hitched and Marika gets engaged to her man Adam.  Posted by Picasa

Some groomsmen sporting rehersal dinner style. Michael actually freaked out about this more than Jen did.. We were all clean shaven by wedding day....  Posted by Picasa

The weather ended up being the only iffy thing all weekend. They (aka Jen) did a great job planning everying...  Posted by Picasa

Even at the rehersal dinner they were already acting like a couple married for years.... Posted by Picasa

Quick trip home for the MichelFer wedding... I had a great time.... I actually took almost NO photos because I was in the wedding party...  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MMMMMM.... FOOOT!!! Posted by Picasa

GIVE ME THAT BOOK NOW!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

BATH TIME... Posted by Picasa

After she wedged herself under the table she just kind of hung out for awhile.  Posted by Picasa

Hi up there... Posted by Picasa

yo... Posted by Picasa

The floor is a very fun place to be... Posted by Picasa

Nilas new game is "GET ALL THE TOYS OUT OF THE TUB" After a half a hour they are all over the place and she is trying to roll herself under the couch.... Posted by Picasa

We should have internet at the new place soon and I can start updating more often to keep everyones fix going... Posted by Picasa

Nila in sea of green..... Posted by Picasa

Nila LOVES this.... Sarah HATES this..... Posted by Picasa

... Posted by Picasa

The fam... Posted by Picasa

In the woods.... Posted by Picasa

We went for a small hike in the mountains last weekend. It was cold so Nila obviously had to have some socks on her hands to keep warm...
 Posted by Picasa

As soon as those knees come up we are going to be in trouble. Posted by Picasa

Nila is getting really good at pushing herself up.  Posted by Picasa

She had a hard time figuring out the whole grass thing.... Posted by Picasa