Friday, July 28, 2006

Jill is in Grandville, if any of you need any photos taken you should definatly check her out. or email her at Posted by Picasa

Sarah had a "official" photo shoot with her last week. We cant wait to see the new photos. Posted by Picasa

Of all the photos we have of Nila these are far and above my 4 favorites. Posted by Picasa

So our good friend Jill is a photographer and while at her house for a quick visit took these great pictures of Nila. Posted by Picasa

She loves the mirror that Sarah put at the end of her crib, she always has another smiling baby to keep her company.  Posted by Picasa

So Nila is a mover, shaker, and a drooler now. Since it is so hot here she is taking afternoon naps in her diaper and bib. We have found her in all kinds of fun positions after a hour long nap. Posted by Picasa

We ate some lunch at the top then started the long climb / rappel back down. At the bottom I shot down the snow we climbed in the dark earlier that morning. Sledding in July in 80� weather was a new experience.

After that it was just a long walk back down hill to the car, then I jetted back home to clean for Sarah and Nila. If anyone wants to see the rest of the 350 photos let me know next time you see me and I can give you the details step by rock by rope by step...Posted by Picasa

The view from the top was great.  Posted by Picasa

Then we went STRAIGHT UP for 4 hours. Posted by Picasa

The next morning we were up at 4am and hiked up to the base of the mountain by headlights.  Posted by Picasa

We put our boots up, grabbed some rubber clogs and headed inside. For around 50 bucks we got a GREAT dinner, some bunk beds, breakfast, and a view only 4 hours of hiking uphill can get you. We arrived at the refuge just as a huge thunderstorm hit, the thunder echoing off the mountains was incredible. No ice axes allowed inside...
 Posted by Picasa

Then we hiked up the glacier for a couple of hours and then hung a left. Posted by Picasa

Ok here is the Quick overview of the 350 photo two day trip. (Sarah is sleeping so I can post lots of cool mountain photos). The first thing we did was ride the clog train up to the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) and then climb down these ladders to the glacier. Posted by Picasa

Last weekend a friend from work guided me and some of his friends up a Mountain in Chamonix. It was the one on the left covered with clouds.
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One HAPPY Baby... Posted by Picasa

This is 1/100th of all her new faces. Posted by Picasa

Nilas first 4th of July in the USA.  Posted by Picasa

And her Great Aunt Eleanor... Posted by Picasa

Nila with her Grandma and Grandpa Posted by Picasa

Back at home Nila got to meet her Great Grandma Dorothy Posted by Picasa

Cows coming at us down the mountain in a full out sprint.  Posted by Picasa

Touch the sky! Posted by Picasa

I did lots of hiking and biking while Sarah was stateside. One day while out with a friend there was some kind of Parapant party going on. This is just half of them, it was like a swarm of bees up there. Posted by Picasa

Nila and Ian (Ian just turned 3 yesterday), he loves "Baby Niwa" Posted by Picasa

I CAN SLEEP ANYWERE Posted by Picasa