Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nila and her VERY wet bear. Posted by Picasa

Flying home. Posted by Picasa

Dont worry we took her out before we gate checked it. Posted by Picasa

Sitting up on leather is hard for big people too Nila. Posted by Picasa

We stoped to get some food and watch the World Cup game. Posted by Picasa

These are a few of my favoirte things. Posted by Picasa

These guys stand STILL for long periods of time and get there photo taken with all kinds of crazy tourists... Posted by Picasa


Sunday we went to the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. The Cabinet room and map room were closed the day WWII ended and were opened again as a Museum. In the Map room these maps covered the walls, all ships locations were tracked with small pins, the map was almost eaten through near the coastlines. Posted by Picasa

Another cool shot from the Market I forgot to post. Posted by Picasa

You must ALWAYS be aware of the GAP.... Posted by Picasa

Walking back to Bens place. He had a great 2 bedroom apartment close to the Underground, it was a perfect place to see London from. Posted by Picasa

As many times as I saw cars like this they still mess with my head. Posted by Picasa

This was part of the new instalations. It was called BABY IN FROG by a artist simply noted as SRA. It read as follows.. After Nine months of work this project finaly came to life but was not really art until the first diaper was full. The BABY in the work represents how small we are in the world and FROG has close ties to the muppets? Please do not touch this work of art....... Posted by Picasa

Sarah got to see one of her fav paintings at the Tate. Overlaping numbers 0-9. All of you that believe I am the dork in the family must remember who the Math major is. Posted by Picasa

Nila with some original Warhol. She is such a art snob... Posted by Picasa

We walked over to the Tate Modern (The only thing free in London) Nila thought it was a great place for a diaper change. Posted by Picasa

Nila already loves her uncle Ben... Posted by Picasa

Nila needed lunch so we stopped in this great little park.  Posted by Picasa

Ben took us to a great market over the weekend and then treated us to a wonderful outdoor lunch. England flags are EVERYWHERE because of the World Cup.  Posted by Picasa

I am starting to pick up bad habits from the baby.  Posted by Picasa

Nila is doing a great job of holding herself up now.  Posted by Picasa

Getting ready for the Queens HUGE birthday March / Show / Day in full gear in the HOT HOT sun... Posted by Picasa

We found out that taking good photos with the baby is going to be a bit hard when out and about. Whenever we got to a good "Photo" location Nila was grumpy or sleeping. I think she is comfortably sleeping here. Posted by Picasa

We dident even take Nila out of the stroller for fear of a accident.. Posted by Picasa