Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Behind the bars.  Posted by Picasa

Nila hanging out in her crib Posted by Picasa

Nila and Mommy. We moved our apartment around again. We have one bedroom it has gone through some transitions since we moved in last year. At first the large living room was just that with our table in it for eating. Then when the baby was on its way we moved our bedroom in the living room to make space for all the baby stuff and jammed our living room stuff into the bedroom. Well that worked out for awhile but it was hard to put the baby down and always be in the room with her, or try to be quiet so she wouldn't wake up. So last night the living room became the living room / parents bedroom, and the bedroom became Nilas room. Aside from sleeping in the kitchen I think we are using up our options. We shall see how this one works out. I will take some photos for all of you trying to follow along at home.
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This photo didn't end up being in focus, too bad; Nila woke up from her nap with one arm jammed inside her outfit and one leg sticking out of the bottom. I think this is a preview of what we are going to be dealing with this coming year. She is moving around ALL the time.
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So genetics at work here. Sarah has this notch out of her right ear. It is kind of hard to see but Nila has almost the exact same thing happening on her left ear. Posted by Picasa

Nila went to church with us in the sling. It is really a great way to get her around when she is little like this. I can imagine life being a bit different when she weights 15 or 20 pounds though. Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the CIRCLE OF DEATH. You can also see the HEAD CRACKER in the back there. It is basically a wooden platform with a large metal pole sticking out of the middle all ridding on a bunch of elephant size springs. It is funny how you see things in a whole new light after you have kids.
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The weather here is getting better. We checked out the local park on Sunday. We tested out this thing in the interest of research. It is the kind of playground toy that would NEVER go over in the US. It has "sue the city" written all over it. We had a blast though. Posted by Picasa

Sarah is doing great, Nila is doing great. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nila is just fed up with everything here. While getting use to the whole "I have hands" thing she does some funny things sometimes.  Posted by Picasa

Happy 85th Birthday Grandma / Great Grandma Dorothy!

Happy 85th Birthday Grandma / Great Grandma Dorothy! Work has been keeping from taking photos the last couple of days. Many more this weekend. Spring will bring wonderfull things. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our friends the Marteux's came over today. Marylou and Dominique with Nila.  Posted by Picasa

Another tummy shot in B/W.  Posted by Picasa

The happy face... Posted by Picasa

Some tummy time on the play mat.  Posted by Picasa

We are starting to see those big eyes.  Posted by Picasa

Nila got some "Mat time" in today. I wrapped up her hand in the blanket so she couldent run away. Posted by Picasa

Nila is still working on the whole dexterity thing. She always has this little finger sticking out. We call it her baby gang sign. For her, at this point, the hands are only good for sucking on and inadvertently gouging at her eyes anyways. I guess we are just lucky it isn�t her middle finger sticking out 24/7�
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just let me know if you want to hold her... Posted by Picasa

Nap time.  Posted by Picasa

You cant tell but right before this picture was taken she was trying to sell us fake Rolex watches that she had hanging inside her coat.  Posted by Picasa

Thinking about??? Posted by Picasa

Another. Posted by Picasa

Here are some of the faces we have been seeing the last couple of days. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So instead of laying back in the sling she has taken a liking to this much more comfortable position. Posted by Picasa