Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Daddy got to brush her hair today.  Posted by Picasa

After a couple of meals she is sleeping again. I have a feeling that after sleeping all day she is going to want to party between the hours of 2am and 6am. Just a guess but I will let you know how it pans out tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

After a couple of long days of lung exercise (AKA Crying) she was OUT when we got home. After four hours of sleep we had a hard time waking her up to eat. Finally a little nose tapping did the trick. She REALLY does not like the nose tapping.
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Because of the Jaundice she has had blood taken from both hands (leaving some nice black and blue marks), and both feet. They had to take blood from her feet and she has all these little picks on both heels covered by these little Band-Aids. We have a appointment with our new pediatrician this Friday to have one last blood test (for this) and hopefully put this whole yellow baby thing behind us.
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Out of the hospital for the second time. We figured the first exit was kind of like practice. Nila was back under the light for 32 or so hours over the last couple of days. This time we had a room down in the pediatrics ward.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Under the lamp PART DEUX

Nila was still yellow today so we went back to the Hospital to get her checked. Her levels were high after a blood test and they wanted her back under the light for 48 hours. SO she is once again NOT happy about this. (Every time she wakes up she freaks out because she has the mask over her eyes and we are not suppose to keep holding her to a minimum) The doctor said we have nothing to worry about; she was also a little miffed that she was only under the lamp for 24 hours after the first positive test and not 48. We just hope that after 48 more hours we will have this Jaundice thing kicked. This way we can start to prepare for the other 4000 things we need to prepare for / worry about in the coming years.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Out of order.

Everything I am posting tonight is showing up out of order and then NOT showing up in my edit window so I cant fix it.

You should get the idea though. I need some sleep and will try to fix it in the AM.


One last feet picture. Posted by Picasa

This flesh wound is healing now but I had to get a photo of it before it disappears. It is a nice little hicky on her hand from when she was still in the womb.
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Here are a bunch of shots of basically the same thing but I am in love with them all. Nila has this thing where she shoots (best way to describe it really) her legs up and out as FAR as she possibly can. Its great when I change her, the trick is to put her little feet in the outfit then just wait about 3 seconds for her to JAM them babies out there and she is practically dressed. Posted by Picasa

And another. Posted by Picasa

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She still has all her baby hair covering her body. Posted by Picasa

Such little feet. Posted by Picasa
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Another shot of the same thing from the side. Posted by Picasa

This one is a little big, And BLUE. No good. NEXT!!!! Posted by Picasa

We are going through this "see what fits" stage right now. Cloths labeled 1 month are too big and 3 month are two small. It is a hit and miss kind of thing. Posted by Picasa

Another great shot of Nila with her mom. Posted by Picasa

We tried to keep Nila awake a bit more today. Hopefully this will make her sleep a bit more tonight. (Or it will just make her angrier tonight) We shall soon see. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006

Nila is in her crib again sleeping now. Our friend Amy brought over two great meals and some home baked goodies tonight to start us off on the right foot. I am going to take some time off work next week to try and get everything settled. We thought we had everything we needed but after 8 hours here with the baby and about 4 diaper changes we already have a list of things we need. I have been in to check on Nila 15 or 20 times since she went down to sleep last. Shes a beauty. Posted by Picasa

After the trauma of getting home, taking a nap, getting fed, diaper changing, feeding again, we had to take a little break. I think we were like this for about 2 hours before Nila woke up hungry again. Sarah snuck up on me while I was sleeping; I knew showing her how to use my camera was a mistake.
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Home and in her new bed. There is never a bad time for a nap. Posted by Picasa

I picked up my girls around noon today and we headed back home. Nila only cried a few times in the car. Since I was prepared for 40min of screaming baby I thought it went great.
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Outfit that fits - check
Carseat - Check
Blanket to keep baby warm - Check
Little hat - Check
Screaming baby - CHECK
It must be time to check out of the hospital.
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After three washes her hair is finally clean. She is now sporting a puffy fuzz ball kind of look.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sarah is feeling a lot better and ready to get out of the hospital. We couldn't have asked for a better experience so far. Tonight Sarah was with her new baby girl in bed watching the women�s ice skating finals on Eurosport. I don't think she could have been any happier.
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