Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stuff everyone wants to know..

Ok I know, I know. Lots of great pictures but what’s happening with the baby?

To answer the questions we get asked the most.

  1. Sarah is due Feb 28th 2006. She is doing great. I need to take some more bump pictures very very soon.
  2. We are going to have the baby over here (In Geneva Switzerland). We have a American doctor that we both love.
  3. The baby will not have dual citizenship; America is one of a few countries that give automatic citizenship to all born on her soil. France and Switzerland requires a application after four years of residency.
  4. We do not know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Sarah wanted to find out but I think it is one of the few large positive surprises in life and we decided to wait.
  5. We do not know when we will move back to the US. Right now we are set to stay here until April 2006. That will give us two months to be with the baby before we need to make any major changes. After that we would either renew again for however long (don’t even know if this is an option yet) or probably end up back in GR.

If you have any more questions post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

The sun hitting the peak of Mt. Blanc. Another great day the last two weeks have been almost perfect.  Posted by Picasa

Sarah and Becky waiting for the train.  Posted by Picasa

Another ladder shot. This wasent even all of them. Posted by Picasa

Sarah and Becky grabbed some hot chocolate in the cafe and I did some exploring. Everyone was walking down this path so I followed. It dead ended at these ladders that went STRAIGHT DOWN to the glacier. It was quite a climb. Posted by Picasa

Were they are from we will never know. Please let this not be us in 25 years.... Posted by Picasa

After lunch we drove up to Chamonix and took the cog train up the mountain. Picture from the Crystal museum. Sarah is going to kill me when she sees I put this up.
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Becky, Sarah and I all have a cold. Sarah took Becky to the Pharmacy to get some medicen. She has been acting a bit funny every since she has started taking it (Look at the name)... Posted by Picasa

Sunday morning we went the market nearby. When we lived in Annecy we always bought the best bread from a vender at the Sunday market. We overjoyed to find that they also sell at the market near our new apartment. This bread makes the best French Toast. Posted by Picasa

One last picture from the castle, it was a very interesting place. While we were on the tour they were setting up for a wedding reception. They still use the grand halls and fire places.
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It was a great fall day to be outside. Posted by Picasa

Sarah in her new poncho. She thinks she looks like a ghost in this picture but I like it.
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Me near the dungeon. You could see the graphite from a guy that was locked up down there for four years. He carved a bunch of things into the stone near the pillar he was attached to.
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We took the boat down the lake to the Château de Chillon. It was built in the 1300's and is quite the place. I have been in a couple of other Chateaus and this one is the best so far. Posted by Picasa

Becky is here... Sat we went to Montreux and spent some time near Lake Geneva. It was a bit hazy but very warm. Great day. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

One last dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant in Annecy. We had a great time with Stuart and Eleanor, I think they really enjoyed their vacation. Posted by Picasa

Fall is here.. We have had really mild temps over the last week. Posted by Picasa

Becky and Sarah. She is making fun of me for taking so many pictures.... Posted by Picasa
After the hike I jumped in the car and headed to the Airport to pick up Becky, Sarah�s friend from college. We grabbed some lunch and headed to Annecy for the afternoon.
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Here is my office from the top. I sit in the "box" in the front building. Moving forward in life I don't think I will ever have a better view from my desk at work. Posted by Picasa

Fog in the Valley 2 of 2. Posted by Picasa

Fog in the valley 1 of 2. Posted by Picasa

Another picture at the top... Posted by Picasa

Seriously though we did have a great time, the view from the top was awesome. The fog was resting in the valley like cotton, the sun was bright and warm, the moon was still easy to see in the blue sky, it was a great morning...
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The look of joy and excitement in Eleanor�s face can only convey half of the fun she is having.
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So then we got to the end of the hike / climb / suicide mission. To reach the summit one needs to just grab a hold of those green wires and shimmy right up the rocks. Well this is a little difficult because of the quarter mile drop on each side during the climb. Well after some coxing we all made it up to the top safe (aside from a scary tumble after getting to the top; ask Stuart about that.) and sound.
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I did this one other time and took the front route. This time up we tried the back route. It was a little less steep up until we were on the ridge and the trail stopped. We had to down climb a little bit at this point. The climb wasn�t that difficult but on both sides of the mountain the trail essentially dropped straight off into the valley (Trail stopped at top of picture and continued again from where I took this picture); this provided a great sense of vertigo and a healthy touch of fear.

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