Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hope you enjoy the photos. Today the weather is horrible so we are doing some running around. We are actually headed to IKEA to finaly get some frames for the posters and prints we have been collecting the last couple of years. See you soon. Posted by Picasa

The 150 venders are all in front of this old church in a wonderful square. Posted by Picasa

We got some great stuff from this person last year. Posted by Picasa

We went to Lyon because they had a huge pottery fair. We got some kids dishes from this vender. We had a great time. Posted by Picasa

At the ampatheater in Lyon. Posted by Picasa

I got a new camera. Jason at work. Posted by Picasa

Sarah and Jason in Lyon Posted by Picasa

With a baby comes baby toy shopping. This is just for the baby of course. One of those necessary evils.  Posted by Picasa

Put money in me and I enjoy a clean steam cleaned goodness. Posted by Picasa

You think gas is expensive in the US. This was in Lyon last weekend. Ok so lets do the math. 1 liter = .26 Gallons. 1Euro =1.22139 USD. So that makes one gallon of regular gas = 7.75 USD a gallon at this station in the city. SO QUITE COMPLAINING! Posted by Picasa

While walking to the Trumpers I had to stop and take some pictures of the Geneva skyline. While taking the pictures a man that said he lived in Geneva said it was the most beautiful sunset he had seen all year. Posted by Picasa

These are our friends the Trumpers in Geneva. We had a great dinner at their house then walked along the water and enjoyed the night. Posted by Picasa

More stuff. Posted by Picasa

Back at home we are getting everything ready for the baby. Posted by Picasa

We walked the mountain behind the cabin. Fog was rolling by us but the montains started to peek through on the other side of the valley. Posted by Picasa

I was invited to go up to a family cabin with Julian from work. It is in a nature preserve and a 4x4 or long walk is required to get to it. Posted by Picasa

Behind the cow factory. Posted by Picasa

The bells they wear when they are on the end of season parade. Posted by Picasa

All the cows lined up and milking. To make roblachon cheese the cows must feed and be milked above a certian altitude. These are high altitude cows. Posted by Picasa

Some friends from work and I went up to a cheese factory in the mountains. Here is the room where they mold the cheese.  Posted by Picasa

Me at the top playing in a turnabout. Posted by Picasa

The Saturday before Sarah came back to France I drove down south and rode up the Alps d'huez. It is a famous climb that is in the Tour de France every couple of years.  Posted by Picasa

NYC Posted by Picasa

On the way back we had a 5 hour layover in NYC. JPN and I met my mom in town for a two hour drive around the city. Posted by Picasa

Me and JPN at the Autocam bike race. We got 3rd. Posted by Picasa

While we were home Michael and Jen got engaged. Congragulations Michael. Posted by Picasa